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September 22, 2023

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Five Tips For Your Engagement Session

Congratulations on your engagement! I just know that you are so excited- thats why you’re here, right! Here are five tips for your engagement session from a St Augustine, Florida photographer!

1. Make A Date Out Of It!

You might be asking yourself what I mean by making a date out of it! What I mean is spend the day together before hand! While you’re dressed up, and looking your absolute best take the opportunity to get comfortable, and have fun together! Go to a bar get a drink and an appetizer in to take the edge off! Taking photos can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be at all! It should be fun!

If your session will be in St Augustine here are some of my favorite downtown drink and appetizer hangs:
Casa Reina
Chatsworth Pub
Ice Plant Bar

2. Decide On Your Engagement Session Location Based On Things YOU Love!

Don’t love the beach? Don’t do your engagement session at the beach! I know that we live in Florida, and it doesn’t seem right to NOT have photos on the beach, but if you arent 100% vibing it will SHOW! The options truly are endless when picking out your engagement session location! This is your chance to show off your personalities!

Some Location Ideas That I Truly Love Are:

  • Your Favorite Park
  • Your First Date Location
  • Your Proposal Location
  • An Arcade
  • A Colorful Fair
  • Your Favorite Bar
  • Your Favorite Coffee Shop
  • Love Adventure? Travel To A New Destination!

3. Plan In Advance & Be Over Prepared!

There is literally nothing worse than waiting until the last minute, and running around stressed (I totally know from experience)! When planning your engagement session give yourself time! While I know that you’re excited and ready to send out those save the dates PRONTO – you really want to make sure that you give yourself enough grace to have the perfect session!

Plan out your outfits in advance! Sometimes when it comes to finding the perfect engagement session outfits it might take more than one trip to the store to find items you really love! Also, be over prepared. If you are wearing heels, bring a change of shoes that are a little more walking comfortable. Also, bring a few outfits! I personally love seeing different choices on engagement session day and helping you decide!

Here are a few outfit tips:

  • Coordinate but don’t match!
  • Choose Light/Airy Neutrals (Opt for Creams, Pinks, Light Blues, Grays)
  • Start With The Feminine Outfit (womens outfits are usually harder)
  • Mix Textures/Fabrics
  • Choose Something You Feel GORGEOUS in! (Your Confidence Will Shine)

4. Utilize Your Makeup Trial!

This is something that I cannot scream enough! This is the perfect time for your makeup trial! Coordinate the engagement session date between the team of us!
This is not only great for you, but is great for your vendors too! Youll be FEELING YOURSELF, and your photos will show for it, but also your makeup and hair artists will also love having the photos to share!

5. Have FUN!

This is my last but MOST Important tip! Have fun! Bring that champagne bottle to spray, run across the streets, hop on that bike! Laugh until you cant breathe! HAVE ALL THE FUN!

St Augustine Wedding Photographer

In conclusion no matter who your photographer is remember that this is your prime opportunity to get to know them, and also for them to get to know you before the big day! Your photography, and videography team wiil be with you all day on your wedding day, and it is SO important that you are completely comfortable and VIBE with your people! HAPPY ENGAGEMENT & WEDDINGGGG!!!! CHEERS!

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