Ashley- how to define myself? Urban Dictionary says I am a bad ass chick and I like that.   

Above all else I am a wifey and mama. My husband Russell is my biggest supporter and #1 fan. We have two babies- Aerya our 8 year old sassy girl, and Nixon the 4 year old class clown. We also have two german shepherd babies- Harley and Rey-Rey.

 I drink so much coffee that I think it may run through my veins at this point. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, and all things nerdy. Norah Jones speaks to my soul - but Da Baby speaks to me after a few drinks. I have been behind a camera since I was twelve years old, and havent been able to put it down since. 

Ashley | Mama bear | Wifey | Dog mom | Coffee Fanatic | Harry potter enthusiast | 

...just a little 


fun facts about me

Photography has always been a love affair for me.  
I started shooting when I was 12 years old, and the love just continued to grow. 

In 2013 when my daughter Aerya was born I became exponentially invested in photography as I had to capture my own baby growing up.  I started with families and that turned into a few small weddings here and there which turned into more weddings...





Loves snacktime, 
Loves doing flips, 
Loves spiderman

Loves harry potter, 
Loves minecraft, 
Loves art

Loves fetch, 
Loves running, 
Loves treats

Loves jumping, 
Loves ear rubs, 
Loves fetch

St Augustine, Florida | Worldwide 

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