The heart and soul of my business is my family!  

Russell and I have been together since 2010, and married since 2015!

Our first born- Aerya has been my inspiration for as long as she has been alive.   Her freckle face is everything to me.   Taking her portraits is really what got me into photography for the long haul.  I love capturing her growing up!

Our youngest is Nixon.  He is our little spitfire sweet boy!   He has never been easy to photograph, as he moves SO FAST.  I had to learn to be quick to capture images of him.   





Loves snacktime, 
Loves doing flips, 
Loves spiderman

Loves harry potter, 
Loves minecraft, 
Loves art

Loves fetch, 
Loves running, 
Loves treats

Loves jumping, 
Loves ear rubs, 
Loves fetch

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